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Veggie box subscription
June to October 2024

By signing up to the waitlist you will be notified once we have launched the sale of this year's subscriptions!

Thanks for your interest - we will notify you when subscriptions are available!

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How it works:

Our weekly vegetable box is 100% composed of regional and seasonal products. Even better, most of these items are surplus, sorted out due to aesthetic defects or incorrect size - such as crooked carrots or oversized zucchinis! By choosing this, you're not only benefiting your health but also supporting Luxembourgish agriculture and the environment!
Choose between a subscription of 6 or 12 boxes, with the option to order on a weekly basis. According to your own preference and need, you can skip any week and receive your box only when an order is placed!
To make the decision easier, we always inform you in advance what will be in the next box, giving you 2 days to order - all online! 
Every week, there will be a selection of at least 5 different vegetables worth €15.

Prices for your subscription plan per zone - delivery cost included

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