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About us

It all started in spring 2020 when we sat together and talked about an article we had read. According to the WWF article, 30% of the produce never leaves the fields, largely due to cosmetic reasons. We became more and more involved with the topic of #foodwaste and although we were already absolutely aware of the fact that we waste food in our society, we were deeply shocked by the extent of it.


And then we wondered if this is the case in this country as well?


"What actually happens to the wonky carrots?"


Where do we find foods that do not meet cosmetic standards or have a small defect? Is there an alternative market for "imperfect" goods in the food industry?


With these questions in mind, we set off on our way, contacted producers and supermarkets to discuss the issue and assess how we could support our industry partners.

And then the ideas arose. We want to open a grocery store with goods that are safe for consumption but would elsewise be discarded - we wanted to create additional sales channels for wonky vegetables, surplus stock, and products that just didn't make the cut. Too big, too small, too wonky - no problem!


... just perfect

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