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Étude d'avocats - YourLaw

Ms Nathalie Frisch and the law firm "Your Law" is our first Superbacker!


The firm specialises in asset management, transfer of family businesses, disposal of assets and businesses, as well as inheritance, gifts, life insurance and wills.

Besenius ferronnerie d’art sàrl

Our second Superbacker is Jeff Besenius with Besenius ferronnerie d'art sàrl!


Besenius ferronnerie d'art sàrl is a modern locksmith company based in Mertzig (Luxembourg). The family business, now in its seventh generation, is run by Jeff Besenius and currently employs around 30 people. Quality, flexibility and consistency are the hallmarks of Besenius ferronnerie d'art.


Luxlait is a cooperative that for over 125 years has made it a priority to develop a high quality product that respects the environment and people. Its values are quality, solidarity, environmental responsibility, sustainability and resource use.

Maison moderne

Founded in 1994, Maison Moderne is Luxembourg's leading independent business media company.


Maison moderne has established Paperjam and Delano among the country's leading media brands and is committed to Luxembourg's long-term development. Its goal is to contribute to social change and the country's international reputation.


Producer of organic mushrooms and
educational farm


EWA tax consulting group, 5 companies with different areas of activity


Marco Schank

Politician, writer and avid gardener


GOCA constructions sàrl aims to promote sustainable construction and reduce the impact of the construction sector on the environment.

Shelfing Unit Sponsor

Honorary Supporters


Proofreading and translations (LU, DE, EN, FR, IT) 

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Coaching Center


Specialist for Change & Values Change & Development


lovely little things and graphic design

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Ceramics workshop in 


Marco Schank  Marguy a Joel de CeulaerBecker
Beatrice Casagranda  Michel Grevis Charles Margue

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