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Currently, less than 5% of vegetables sold in Luxembourg come from domestic production. As for fruit, the degree of self-sufficiency is less than one per cent.

Despite these statistics, the prevalence of food waste due to aesthetic reasons persists. Depending on the produce 30-40% is sorted out due to standards and normes.


This paradox highlights a significant opportunity for change. By embracing imperfect or surplus fruits and vegetables from local sources, we can simultaneously address multiple challenges: reducing food waste, supporting domestic agriculture, and promoting environmental sustainability.

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Through initiatives like ours, which prioritize rescuing and redistributing "imperfect" produce, we aim to shift this narrative. By celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of locally grown fruits and vegetables, we can inspire consumers to prioritize taste and nutrition over appearance, while also strengthening our food system's resilience and sustainability.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference by reshaping attitudes towards food and fostering a more inclusive, sustainable approach to consumption. Let's work towards a future where every fruit and vegetable, regardless of its appearance, has value and purpose.

Join or help us

If you are interested in our work and would like to participate as a member of our cooperative, please feel free to contact us


If you want to support our work with a donation you are more than welcome to do so on this account:

 on.perfekt SC 

Account: LU65 0030 1790 0271 0000

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