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Geméiskëscht // Veggie Box

Actively fighting food waste? Give produce a second chance!

Dëst Joer ka keen Abonnement méi ofgeschloss ginn !

Aktuell Abonnementer ginn nach bis Mëtt November ausgeliwwert.

From Field to fork - delivered to your door

Our vegetable boxes are a selection of surplus wonky fruit and vegetables - seasonally and locally grown!


We are offering a weekly selection of fresh produce. You will be delivered with 5kg of imperfect goods which have grown too big, too small, or just don't match our strict esthetics.


The subscriptions can be bought for 6 or 12 units and you can opt in to order online each week.

Flexible decision making based on personal preferences and needs.


The produce value per box is 15€, the subscriptions include delivery costs.

Choose your subscription now - 6 or 12 boxes. Buy through the button at the top of the page.

Order easily from home. Check out our weekly offering online and decide if you want to place your order.

Await your delivery on thursdays or fridays

We supply you with surplus produce - too big, too small, too wonky - no problem!
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